We combine the best of the nature with science to improve your life.

Tecnología Fakulti®

In our labs, the development of every product is based on solid scientific research. We use FAKULTI technology which promotes easy digestion, enables maximum absorption, and produces immediate results.


Products are easily assimilated and foster maximum cellular absorption.


This is a unique temperature process that allows immediate body absorption.



Our products are hydrolyzed with pineapple bromelain for maximum strength.


Fakulti® is the balance point between pharmacological and natural products.

Ecuador’s strategic location right at the equator makes its raw material unique. The fact that it gets more solar radiation than other countries has fundamental importance for crop growth and quality. Crops benefit from the different climate and altitude conditions to generate defense mechanisms that maximize the benefits for the human being. For this reason, Fakulti Laboratories manufacture unique products in the world.


We use the process of biological availability so that our products are of easy assimilation and maximum absorption, this way the body benefits from all the ingredients.

Microencapsulation is a process in which tiny particles are surrounded by a coating that reduces degradation, oxidation and makes them more stable. With Fakulti® technological process we increase the bioavailability, creating a unique temperature microencapsulation that minimize the components to polynuclears micro particles that once it reaches the small intestine are immediately absorbed to its maximum.

Hydrolysis is a process that creates a chemical reaction in which molecules rupture allowing water molecules to penetrate in free spaces. Thanks to our technology and innovative hydrolyzing process with organic pineapple bromelain enzymes we intensify the assimilation and absorption to its maximum; this makes each product more bioavailable; and also obtains an optimum organoleptic sense.

Fakulti® labs are based on applied scientific research and designed processes to maximize the assimilation of the natural properties of plants and fruits. Ours nutraceutical supplements have beneficial effects in human health are rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals; composed of natural bioactive substances with concentrations that are higher than those found on regular food; these differ from traditional drugs that generally come from chemical synthesis.




Strengthen the immune system with microencapsulated immunoglobulin and soursop pulp.


Mind Focus®

It boosts energy, improves memory, concentration and learning.


Nutri Adult®

This biotechnological supplement is compounded of natural and functional ingredients.


Nutri Kids®

This unique product contains vegetable omegas that are essential for every growth stage in kids.


Male Power®

This is a powerful biotechnological microencapsulated supplement for men’s health.


Uro Health®

Microencapsulated mortiño focuses on maintaining the urinary system health.


Colágeno Anti Age®

Hydrolyzed Collagen with bromelain and hyaluronic acid of high density and bioavailability.


Exit Fat®

This outstanding product promotes saturated fat loss.


Firm Up®

Firm up® is hydrolyzed collagen with golden berry pulp and calcium, which is essential for maintaining healthy bones.



A complete nutritional supplement with lupini beans and hydrolyzed quinoa, ideal for a nutritional balance.



Hydrolyzed collagen with pineapple enzymes has not particular flavor. Free of preservatives, added sugars, fats, cholesterol and gluten.


Herbal Relax®

Can’t fall asleep? Herbal Relax® is the perfect combination of microencapsulated valerian and lemon balm to help you relax. Excellent soothing option during the day and sleep inducing at night.


Relief Aloe & Chamomile®

A natural combination directed to help and protect the digestive system. Reduces ulcer risk and promotes intestinal flora regeneration.

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Social Responsibility 

We are committed to work and stay engaged with our people to improve Ecuador’s social, economic and environmental system and give back to the community. We work to strengthen and support associations of small producers, providers, micro entrepreneurs so they can boost their own projects; working together for a substantial change on how we fight against poverty and also creating a mutual support system.

Mobirise Mobirise

We created the program “My nutrition, my life” in response to the high rate of kids with chronic malnutrition in Ecuador, especially in Cotopaxi’s province where our industrial plant is located. This way we assume the responsibility to fight against malnutrition in our society. We deliver to the community our innovative product “Complemento Nutricional Kids®” a nutritional supplement that helps the immune system as well as the development of the cognitive system. This product contains hydrolyzed quinoa, one of the most complete cereals available that provides high quality protein to the body. This Andean cereal is low in fat and does not contain cholesterol, making it an excellent option to complement kids’ daily diet; besides, it contains microencapsulated vegetable omegas that contribute to the brain’s development. This product is developed with Fakulti’s hydrolysis and microencapsulation technological process making it easy to digest and providing maximum absorption by the body; these procedures help maintain the natural properties of the ingredients and do not allow preservatives or chemicals.

 “My nutrition, my life” was created as a joint responsibility with the community (parents), universities, and public and private institutions’ help. This six month program provides chats and training in areas such as hygiene education, properties and benefits of fruits, vegetables and cereals, a balanced and varied diet, etc. The kids are screened, dewormed and undergo a follow-up to ensure they have overcome malnutrition.
This way Fakulti® ratify its compromise to support our communities to improve their diet through partnerships with institutions that enable us to put within community’s reach products produced with the latest technology and domestic raw material.

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